Pre-production is when thoughts are brought together into a cohesive arrange and the objectives and goals of your video are built up. Think around your target group of onlookers, your budget and the message your video must convey. Planning is of vital significance – the more time you spend on arranging, the more easily your shooting will go and the superior your last video will be. Consider what sort of set you would like to use. In the event that you're shooting in a studio, do you would like a green or blue screen behind the moderator (blonde hair = blue screen)? Think almost what, in the event that any, make-up will be required and whether any props are required. How much shooting time is required?

Following your video must be scripted or storyboarded. This includes putting together the list of shots that will be required – the key components that will make up your video. From this, you may be able to create your last script or storyboard. Your script will not as it were direct the shooting group, but moreover gives the altering group an great direct to work from and give the premise for any extra voiceover work.